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First goal:
Control RCs via computer.´

Which is this circuit using simple RCs,
with tabs in remote control.

Second goal:
Record, store and playback moves.´

BASH script program to control RC.

Source code for above.

C program with X forward.

Third goal:

Monitor RC lap and pit stop times.
PCB for cars.
^ PCBs & components are not to scale.>

Prototype testing.
Mockup work.
Car Battery pack.
Mustang remote.

Hope they try again, these PCBs are from school.

Too many problems to overcome while
trying to work with a PCB from school.

This is the way a PCB should look.
Not bad for $15 each. ;-)

PCB for computer.

IR LEDs on car's PCB sends signals to the photo diodes on the computers PCB.
Picture below shows how a 300 pin limit was pretty easy to hit.
Now with 1000 pin version, work in progress.png progress5V.png progress12V.png progressGND.png progressBack.png

LDR and R6 math with four AA batteries, calculate Low/High voltages for resistance swing.
move_RC LDR provides input for pit stop LEDs to blink.

Measured effect with voltage change on 74C14 response rate.
Why buy SI/OP?