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 How to get better fuel efficiency on a new Bic lighter via simple mods.

  We no longer have control over the amount of fuel in some state like we used to. There is not even the adjustment wheel once you remove the metal shield anymore. That wheel undoubtedly changed actual fuel rate, not air flow so one could gain from this even with a wheel.
  What we do have control over is the amount of air around it that is reaching the flame.

  Yet if you just remove the metal piece it will allow for the plastic on the lighter to catch on fire. Also if you remove the safety spring piece it will make it much easier for us older people to light, children have less trouble with them than we do it seems to me.
  In this image you can see a couple modified and some factory ones. --><--Click to enlarge.
The red one still has the metal tabs in the middle, they are just bent upward. If you lack a method to remove those tabs, they can be bent downward too.
And here is a blue one modified more adding holes to the sides to act like the slots in the white one above. --><--Click to enlarge.
Another picture of the inter workings of a lighter. --><--Click to enlarge.

  A couple other people have started testing this theory too, also finding the same type of results. Myself am able to get about twice the life out them.
  Please feel free to do your own testing and provide more feedback, you can reach me most of the time at and clicking connect.

Some tips:
  Always buy in sealed pack so you know it has not been used like most open ones have.
  To add life "Do not press up on your fuel button!" if you notice in the design you harm the small rubber seal if you do, then your lighter has a slow leak for it requires more pressure than the spring has at that point to hold it shut.
  Easiest way to remove the metal shield for me is with a snap ring tool, by inserting it where the flame would come out and slightly squeeze handles until shield is loose, then pull off.

*** If we are able to cut the amount of these lighters hitting the landfills each year it would be a plus. ***
  Can you think of any reusable items/parts other than the flint? Sure the metal and plastic can be melted down and reused, yet what about the parts them self in another use like a toy?
  Thanks for your time and take care!