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    What started as simple child's play and clocking an electronic remote control auto's lap time around a track, wants to become so much more with the worlds help.

So please join in this open source project in whatever level you feel able.

Date 120119452008 Vision: Create a database and interface for the world to store and study propulsion.
Allow free user accounts to everyone whom wishes to share data about any means of movement they care to record. From a simple walk in the park or an airplane trip around the world to how much your solar panels collect and pass on, they will be able to store results and compare with others. Alternatives also should be compared in order to gain them. For now it seems such a limited group and the likes.

    Q. Why should people put data on the site?
    A. To see which auto gets what kind of fuel efficiencies or what battery last longer in an R/C toy or any other kind of information you can gain from propulsion studies.

    Q. What type of data do you expect to collect and how do you expect it will be used?
    A. Well I want it open to any type of data to be entered and compared.

    Q. "Energy" is a pretty big topic, could you narrow down the focus of this project?
    A. That's just it, most all I see is narrow, seems people are stuck in this comparing apples to apples instead of being open to comparing apples to beef.

    Q. What is the project goal line?
    A. I would rather not set any for they would set limits and I do not want to limit this project via my limitations.

    Q. So what is the point of this project?
    A. The point is to encourage and promote people to share experiences and experiments and provide a forum for publishing, storing, cross-referencing - a clearing house and database for peoples experiences with various power sources.

Items in need:
1) Input.
    a) More input.
2) PHP programmers.
    a) User services.
    b) Layout and functionality.
    c) Create stand alone applications using php-gtk.
3)  Database input.
    a) Suggestions for tables and fields.
    b) Manage var(size) and type of Database-Create-Script.mysql
    c) Allow for interaction with Kexi_files and other Open Source projects which interface with MySQL.
4) Documentation.
    a) Five W's.
    b) Site in multiple languages.

Sign up via or at least send input : )

Sample 3000mAh-Spreadsheet, HTML of 3000mAh-Spreadsheet Side note, bought new 10/28/2008
Another run 3000mAh-Spreadsheet, HTML of 3000mAh-Spreadsheet Another run 3000mAh-Spreadsheet, HTML of 3000mAh-Spreadsheet Another run 3000mAh-Spreadsheet, HTML of 3000mAh-Spreadsheet
Sample 1500mAh-Spreadsheet, HTML of 1500mAh-Spreadsheet Side note, couple years old and well used.
Another run 1500mAh-Spreadsheet, HTML of 1500mAh-Spreadsheet
Ran at about half throttle 3000mAh-03152009-Spreadsheet, gained about 31% increase in distance!

Here are mine, who is in your top favorite?
Sir_Isaac_Newton (4 January 1643 – 31 March 1727)
Michael_Faraday (22 September 1791 – 25 August 1867)
James_Clerk_Maxwell (13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879)
Nikola_Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943)


What a nice ride!