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Some random fact & or tips.

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Things that make me go huh?
Audit tool for Linux!
.audit's intent is to help log the way things were, when the system was first built, versus now. It not only creates a back up of important system files, it also makes report files that you can compare with a simple menu choice.
Why do people ask if they may ask a question, when in fact it's too late, they just did?
Why do people ask if you can help them without stating their problem, they only ask can you help me?
Why is it always the people that say "trust me I'm a person of my word" the ones that always lie?
lsof - list open files
lsof is a Unix-specific diagnostic tool. Its name stands for LiSt Open Files, and it does just that. It lists information about any files that are open by processes currently running on the system. It can also list communications open by each process.

Items kept in tool box:
Single floppy OS -> minux
Live USB of EasyPeasy
Live CD of Puppy Linux

1st lesson in computing everyone should learn.
  "Always backup before moving forward!"

<-- Use one of those items to clone hard drives.
dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb

Redundant questions answered.
Q: What is linux? A: Linux is a kernel which you can learn more about here.
Q: What is the best Distro? A: There is no "best" anything, it's more opinion than fact when someone utters that word.
Q: What distro would you recommend? A: I say test a few different types and learn from each and see what works for you. You can get one from here. Ok enough about distributions.
Q: What was the first network you used? A: That would be the sneaker net, later the "Fox 10Net" while employed at Fox.
Q: What was your first personal computer? A: The Bally Basic, which still functions properly when plugged in.
Q: What is your current job? A: Whatever the client/customer requires.
Q: How to reach you? A: XMPP AKA "Jabber" server info.
Small friendly group whom like to help others. Feel free to join us.

Q: What are the commands in linux? A: There are way to many to learn and they are forever adding new. Yet to find some that may be on your system start with ls like this --> ls -alrt /usr/bin <-- and remember you can use Shift Page Up to view what scrolled past. For a nice collections of them.
Q: How would I start Internet projects for Linux? A: Here is an open source starting point for some idea's for your own projects.
Q: Where would I find documentation about how to do things in linux? A: Tons of them found via search engine, yet here are many. Or get rute.pdf for a good start.
Q: Where can I find RPM's that are not on my CD for my Distro? A: Go here to find them.

The more I learn, the more I learn what little I know.
Very old remote quote.
Everything is or part of a wavelength.

Internet: "The misinforming highway."

Gaining knowledge comes from communication, rather than from discussion/debates.

I forever speak of history, as once it's said, it is such.

I'll tell you why the chicken crossed the road, to make you ask why.
If your goal is to always fail, can you achieve that goal?

I used to be very aggravated at my teachers once I grew past the limits of their teaching, until so much later when I realized it was their willingness to give all they had, which pushed me beyond.
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